Foreign Investment Advisory Service of the NRW.BANK

The Foreign Investment Advisory Service (Beratungscenter Ausland of the NRW.BANK) provides information and advice about public finance and funding instruments of the NRW.BANK, the State of NRW, the national government and the European Union for the support of the internationalisation activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in North Rhine-Westphalia.

With NRW.Europa we offer individual advice about

We have access to a comprehensive network of funding institutions and banks in Europe with whom we co-operate. For concrete projects, we not only provide the necessary information but also mediate direct local contacts in order to facilitate immediate access to national finance and funding resources for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We also provide information on a whole range of pan-European funding programmes in the areas of


Beratungscenter Ausland
Kavalleriestra├če 22
40213 D├╝sseldorf

NRW.Europa Hotline

Phone: +49 211/ 91741-4000